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The story behind the Legend of Anaeli...
Anaeli & Company was born off of the warm Emerald Coast waters, showcasing the finest handmade pearl and Greek leather jewelry.  Designing and creating these
pieces of wearable art are International Artisans inspired by their love of the ocean and nature’s beauty.  The Freshwater pearls used to create these original and unique pieces are individually selected and then hand drilled.
Quality and workmanship are the foundation for each of their creations.  With no
two pieces being identical, each one is truly an exquisite treasure.
Caring for your Pearls and Leather

Pearls It's very important to take care of your pearls to ensure they remain beautiful for generations to come.  
Personal care products can damage pearls so it is best to wait at least 30 minutes after applying perfume or 
hair spray to put them on.  Wiping the pearls with a soft cloth after use will help maintain their natural

Leather Caring for the leather strands is just as vital.  By gently wiping the strands down in all natural shea 
butter, you can maintain or restore the natural luster and richness of the leather.  Just a little goes a long 
way, so use sparingly.

*Please keep all pearls and small pieces away from infants and toddlers.
We love our families!

© 2009 Anaeli & Company - All Rights Reserved 
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Wearing your Anaeli Jewelry
Closure - With our toggle and loop closures, wearing your Anaeli jewelry is easy, comfortable and a beautiful fit!  
Simply hold the loop with one hand and slide the 
shortest pearl toggle through the loop with your 
other hand and you are done!  With several of our 
designs, you can lengthen your necklace by using 
the longer toggles for closure.

How to wear your Anaeli Jewelry - Our greatest pleasure comes from the versatility we've incorporated in many 
of our Anaeli & Company creations.  Here are some examples of how you can create different style from 
just one piece of jewelry.  Please email us with any questions that you may have on other styles.

"I hope you enjoy your Anaeli treasures, as much as I enjoy creating them!"                                                                                                                    ~Anaeli 
  • Wear as floating/knotted pearls or spin the necklace around to display cascading toggle pearls!

  • Our long opera style necklace, the "Charis" is a 4 in 1 piece!  You can wrap or knot to change the style!
  • By moving the 2 side floating pearls apart on the cord, or by lengthening as a necklace, you create your style for the day!
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